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What about extraterrestrial-type aliens? I've heard they come from parallel dimensions and have superior technologies.  Will they save us?


No, not aliens either.  No.  

With the emergence of brane theory, the notion that UFO encounters may represent inter-dimensional visitations has gained some credibility. However, if aliens are visiting, and are remotely rational*, they won't be wanting to save our civilization. Why should they? What, of our recent transmissions, would betray to a rational sentient being anywhere in the Multiverse anything about our civilization that's remotely worth saving?

Further, there's no evidence that we're particularly special across inter-dimensional spacetime. Rather, based on publications in our leading science journals, alien scientists have now firmly established that the human organism is: (a) 98.8% boring, and (b) imbued with a crucial ecosystem-plundering character flaw.

Not to mention Donald Trump.

* There is a remote chance that aliens might try to save our civilization if they were fundamentally irrational. But what then? What are the implications of being rescued by a race of insane aliens?
Now be honest - it wouldn't make a lot of sense to preserve us as a civilization, just so we could then go on to bore and pillage all the other dimensions, would it? Better to leave us to quietly destroy ourselves, and maybe keep a small DNA bank, a couple of our better war movies, and two or three of us as pets.

Of course, aliens may have some interest in terra-forming our dimension to suit their own specifications, once we've finished toasting it.  Abandon hope: avoid disappointment.
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