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I am a geneticist planning to breed a flock of modified rabbits that will serve as a food source if I survive the apocalypse.  What genes will I need to insert into the little fellas to give them the best chance of being virtually bulletproof?


I recommend inserting all the genes you can get from the microbe Deinococcus radiodurans.

Deinococcus radiodurans is the toughest organism known.

Characteristics of this remarkable microbe include extreme resistance to: 1. Dehydration; 2. Ionizing radiation; 3. Ultraviolet radiation; 4. Oxidative damage, and 5. Genotoxic chemicals. In short, radiodurans is one bad-ass bug.  And you, my geneticist friend, have the power to make a brand new species of bad-ass bunnies.  

The only problem, if everything else goes to plan, will be acquiring the necessary firepower to actually kill the little bastards.  

You may want to invest in a cannon.

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