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There are a lot of people out  there who want to save the planet, but most of them don't have a clue.   Is environmental activism and policymaking actually dangerous?


No, no, not at all.  They're just mostly pointless. They are well-recognized as being good employment schemes, and are the main means we have of preventing people from worrying needlessly. This is because environmental activism and policymaking foster the delusionally comforting belief that we could exercise a significant amount of control over our destiny, if we just wanted to.

This is an obvious fallacy. Even is governments could agree on concerted action, our total global capacity to avert the coming swathes of multi-faceted devastation arraigned against us would be akin to raising a teacup to stop a  tsunami.*

However, the last thing we need are 7.5 billion people who are scared shitless about what is about to descend upon them. Much better to have a few hundred thousand people to act as our global conscience so that the rest of us get on with enjoying ourselves in this golden age while there's still time.
*Interestingly, a simulated teacup vs. tsunami analogy has been tested in the academic discipline of Game Theory, with participants being randomly selected from a cohort of elected representatives.  Researchers report that, 95% of the time, delegates are still arguing about cubic capacity of the teacup in metric or imperial units at point of being engulfed by the tsunami.
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