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expert answers page 15 - workplace abuse

My employer places huge reliance on workers going the extra mile and claims that staff are their greatest asset.  Yet all the managers treats us as if we were leprous lazy money-sucking parasites.  There seems to be a mismatch.  What should a rational person do in this situation?  

First of all you need to appreciate that you can't fix your workplace. When it has reached this level it is fundamentally broken (see embracing hopelessness).  The problem is with your employer, not you.  

Second, while you're working there, you need to stop looking after the interests of your employer, and start looking after yourself.   How?  A defining characteristic of abusive workplaces is that employees are deluged with tasks, meaning that some tasks can never be done, and forcibly creating choice.  Whenever you get a choice of tasks, follow this healthy worker simple task decision tree developed by our experts.

You can also download a copy for your office wall in printable PDF format.

Soon it will become a lifestyle.  


Why give your deadbeat employer all those extra miles,
when you could be using them for your own road-trips?

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